Friday, November 24, 2017


—A Great (Last?) Opportunity to Reduce Immigration & Make a Giant Step Toward U.S. Population Stabilization & Environmental Protection

“Open Borders? No!...It would make everybody in America Poorer—You’re doing away with the Concept of a Nation State.”

Bernie Sanders, 7/28/15
Vox/Ezra Klein Interview

Indeed, the Fact that NET LEGAL IMMIGRATION COST TO U.S. TAXPAYERS is $330 Billion per Year and $$3.3 Trillion NET for the next ten years if the Inflow is not Cut provides the Great (Last?) Opportunity to Reduce Legal Immigration of 1.5 Million per year and preserve our environment!

Immigration and the children born to recent immigrants account for 80 to 90 percent of US population growth. The just released “Net Costs of Legal Immigration” Study commissioned by our ASAP! Coalition Ally, Carrying Capacity Network and conducted by Noted Economist, John Williams***, not only shows that Legal Immigration alone costs Federal Taxpayers $330 Billion NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants Pay) per year!, but it also shows that Mass Immigration would cost $3.3 Trillion! in the coming decade if the flow is not Reduced. And this does NOT include Costs of Illegal Immigration or State and Local Costs. 
Going forward, immigration limited to the number which allows the US population to eventually stabilize — 150,000 per year (appx same # of emigrants as immigrants) which would only be achieved by a Zero-Net Moratorium on legal immigration — is BALANCE’s Goal and in the best interest of the U.S.A. and its citizens.
Indeed, THE ONLY WAY to Achieve U.S. Population stabilization is through a zero-net Moratorium in which all Categories of Immigration are counted under an all-inclusive Cap of 150,000 per year. That is what BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies Advocate. Thus ASAP! Coalition Allies are Genuine Immigration Reduction Groups. The 150,000 per year CAP is essential to maintaining environmental protection, prosperity per capita, quality of life, personal and public safety, National Cohesion and the freedoms we have enjoyed.
Regarding Environmental Protection, we reiterate: For every person added to the U.S. Population, one Acre of Prime Farmland or Natural Habitat is converted to Developed uses (Pimentel et al, Cornell).
Since 1940, world population has grown from approximately 2 billion to 7.5 billion today and is growing at 80 Million per year.  The US population has grown from the 135 million with which we fought and won World War II to approximately 350 million today. The Earth is round and finite. Its resources and US resources cannot support unlimited numbers of people, It has a limited carrying capacity, in other words so it follows that population growth must stop.  When and how? Studies by Dr. Anne Brittain and others show that limiting immigration not only helps the U.S. move toward achieving Population Stabilization, but also drives down fertility rates in sending countries, to everyone’s benefit. And while Population Growth Often Increases Total GDP, it also always reduces Per Capita GDP. Thus all would benefit from U.S. Population Stabilization.

Consider, for example, the impact of Current legal immigration Inflow of 400,000 per year (U.S. Census) on California. It is absolutely unsustainable and not only from a fiscal perspective California is already exceeding its present and prospective potable water supplies; already-depleted underground aquifers will take decades to recharge and agriculture is suffering. And California loses tens of thousands of acres of precious farmland and natural habitat every year as that it is converted to developed uses. And the horrendous crowding on California freeways and in urban areas shows we are exceeding our carrying capacity. And should not California’s worsening housing shortage best be described as a population longage…with increasing numbers of families living homeless under freeways. Is not our first Moral Obligation to them?
And we emphasize that, NOW, is likely not only our last best Opportunity to save our Natural Environment but also our Personal Safety ENVIRONMENT and the safety of our loved ones!!! We reiterate, the ISIS Truck Driver who recently ran down Pedestrians and Cyclists in New York City was a LEGAL immigrant!!!

In sum, pushing for a Legal Immigration CAP of 150,000 per Year—Via the Zero-Net Moratorium is essential to achieving U.S. Population Stabilization and long-term Environmental Protection. Advocating for any higher level than that, as the Mass Immigration Management Groups do, is counterproductive because it assumes, and indeed validates, a continuation of Mass Immigration ad infinitum and thus creates virtually no political pressure for reductions.
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***Noted Economist W. John Williams, proprietor of, the USA’s leading Independent Analyst and Reporter of Accurate Statistics regarding the U.S. Economy and Employment, was commissioned by Carrying Capacity Network to study the NET Costs of Legal Immigration to Federal taxpayers. Fact Summary of the Net Costs Study.