Friday, February 2, 2018

Big Amnesty Plans Enable Continued Population Explosion – Help STOP IT!

The White House proposal to Amnesty 1.8 Million “DACA-eligible” Illegal Aliens, in return for limitations on Chain Migration and an end the Visa Lottery would actually not have a beneficial Population Stabilization effect for years.

(In other words, the Legal Immigration of 1.5 Million+ per year would not be reduced much for years under the White House proposal and would greatly increase under other proposals like the Durbin/Graham proposal.)

Consider the White House plan which would give

“…an instant amnesty for an estimated 1.8 million "DACA-eligible" illegal aliens. … and make further cuts to chain migration after those currently in line for other categories have been admitted.(emphasis added)

“The bottom line is that these cuts to chain migration would reduce total legal immigration by about 18 percent in the short term, and 33 percent in the long term (after 10 years). However, the huge size of the amnesty means that under this scheme it will take about 15 years for the chain migration cuts to offset the new green cards awarded in the amnesty. In other words, there would be instant deportation relief for 1.8 million illegal aliens, but a very long wait for immigration relief for Americans.”

“White House Immigration Framework
Big Amnesty Now, Chain Migration Cuts Much Later,”
J. Vaughan, January 31, 2018,

In addition Amnesty Recipients would be given a 10-year Path to Citizenship and

“The spouses of citizens (and their children) will continue to enter in unlimited numbers and the spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents (and their children) will be capped at about 88,000, as under current law.”


However, most unfortunately,

All of the approximately 3.9 million people on the waiting list for chain migration green cards will be offered the opportunity to apply for admission under current numerical limits, plus a few extra (see below). According to the State Department, this will ultimately result in the admission of about 2.5 million new immigrants, as some will decline the opportunity and a few will be found to be ineligible for admission. I estimate that the admission of these applicants would take approximately 10 years under the current numerical limits and quotas….(emphasis added)

“Furthermore, the leading proposals being considered by the Senate create a new non-immigrant residency visa for parents of citizens that will replace the green card category…. And the parents of the "Dreamers" who receive amnesty might become eligible for residency under such a program, thus potentially more than doubling the size of the amnesty. (It has been estimated that Dreamers have an average of 1.6 parents in the U.S.)

“…After 10 years, green card awards would settle to a number that is about 33 percent lower than current levels, or about 775,000 per year.”


One consequence of enabling a continued Migration near or above the current 1.5 Million LEGAL Immigrants per year is that the NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) Costs of that LEGAL Inflow would remain near $330 Billion per Year! And the effects on the Natural and Personal Safety Environments would remain.

Thus the White House and other Proposals demonstrate how important it is to maximize downward pressure on the numbers by pushing for a Zero-Net Moratorium as all ASAP! Coalition Member Organizations do. Is it not, therefore, true that any group which refuses to push a Moratorium is an Immigration Management Group, NOT a Genuine Reduction Group?

Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can Succeed in reducing the Numbers! Phone Calls or Office Visits are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off). And please consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor Lobby and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.

So Please Help BALANCE MOBILIZE ACTIVISTS to Intensify our push for the aforementioned all-categories included Zero-NET MORATORIUM, TODAY, NOW!


BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY. Dollar for Dollar, Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create much more Political Clout than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups.

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