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October 2016

Certain candidates for Federal, State, and Local Office need “Reality Therapy” about the destructive effects of Mass Immigration-generated Population Growth on the Environment, Economy, and Taxes, and so do some of those others whose policies directly or indirectly affect Immigration.

So the following are Therapeutic Educational Materials and questions for them:

  • Since in the past twelve months alone immigrant employment rose by 1.218 million, a 4.9% gain, while the larger population of native-born American workers gained 1.780 million positions, a gain of only 1.4% and the number of unemployed native-born Americans rose by 37,000, a gain of 0.6%, while the number of unemployed immigrants shrank by 5,000 – a 0.4% decline. (Rubenstein,, October, 2016)        
o   Shouldn’t we correct this unnecessary—completely self-imposed—harm to American workers by reducing the number of Legal Immigrants per year from about 1.5 Million per year to 150,000, by imposing a zero-net Moratorium?

  •  Since Immigrants impose a Net Fiscal Drain (Taxes paid minus Services Used) of up to “299 Billion per year” on American Taxpayers, according to the National Academy of Sciences (2016) including the Largest Category, virtually “Free” Health care, and also including some $70 Billion per year for Legal and Illegal Immigrant Education costs which includes Billions for Limited English Proficiency and English as a Second Language Programs
o   Isn’t it is essential to reduce the number of Legal Immigrants per year from about 1.5 Million per year to 150,000, by imposing a zero-net Moratorium?

  • Since the current fiscal deficit at the state level—much of it imposed by mass immigration—is very large as the massive multibillion dollar costs to the following states indicates:
“California -$18.96 billion; Texas -$7.8 billion; New York -$5.79 billion; Illinois -$4.16 billion; New Jersey -$3.24 billion; Washington State -$2.51 billion; Massachusetts -$1.86 billion; Colorado -$1.18 billion; Arizona -$1.17 billion; Florida -$1.14 billion; Georgia -$1.02 billion; Nevada -$620 million; Oregon -$600 million; Virginia -$469 million; New Mexico -$429 million; and North Carolina -$424 million”   Ibid
o   Isn’t it essential to reduce the number of Legal Immigrants per year from about 1.5 Million per year to 150,000, by imposing a zero-net Moratorium?

Most Politicians love mass immigration-generated population growth because, along with increasing population size, it increases aggregate GDP.

  •  But the aggregate hides the effect on individual Americans. Because of mass immigration, the aggregate is divided by many more people, with the result that Per Capita GDP, i.e., the average Individual Wealth of its Citizens is much less!
o   Isn’t it essential to reduce the number of Legal Immigrants per year from about 1.5 Million per year to 150,000, by imposing a zero-net Moratorium?

  • And since over 90% of all “Refugees” and over 50% of all legal immigrants receive some U.S. taxpayer funded benefits (, but many of our own poorest, including our working poor are homeless, are living in makeshift shacks or tents under freeway overpasses,
o   Shouldn’t our first obligation be to provide opportunities and a “safety net” to our own people first?

If yes, advocate reducing the number of Legal Immigrants per year from about 1.5 Million per year to 150,000, by imposing a zero-net Moratorium.

  •  In light of the fact that, for every person added to the U.S. population, one Acre of Precious Farmland or natural habitat is converted to developed uses (Pimentel et. al , Cornell),
o   Shouldn’t we reduce the number of Legal Immigrants per year from about 1.5 Million per year to 150,000, by imposing a zero-net Moratorium?

  •   In 2013, the Obama Administration-controlled ICE released 36,007 convicted criminal Aliens, including murderers and rapists, into our Neighborhoods rather than deporting them, and that policy continues to the present.
o   Would you discontinue this policy?

  •  Given that our personal safety environment is increasingly threatened by Open Borders and Sanctuary City policies,
o   Shouldn’t we build a Wall at our Southern Border and outlaw and/or defund Sanctuary Cities and enact a zero-net Moratorium?

  • Since approval of the TPP and TTIP Treaties would create de facto Open Borders,
o   Do you Oppose them?

  • Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton advocates increasing the number of Refugees admitted to the USA by over 500% and creating de facto Open Borders. 
  •  Presidential Candidate Donald Trump advocates reducing the number of Refugees admitted by “extreme vetting” inter alia, and in dramatically reducing both legal and Illegal immigration.
o   What position do you favor?

The ONLY Solution to keeping the Mass Immigration-generated Crises from getting much, much worse is to push the Administration and Congress to enact a Zero-Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration and seal the Borders to stop Illegal Immigration.

Eisenhower Administration policies showed that many illegal aliens self-deport when benefits are withdrawn and authorities get tougher, as President Eisenhower did when he deported nearly 2 Million Illegals in the 1950s. Thus the claim that Mass Deportation or Mass Legalization are the only options is a false narrative. And we must push NOW so that we can generate increasing support for Bills to be enacted ASAP, but realistically no later than when a New President is in office in the Spring, 2017.

From a Political-Strategic Perspective, pushing a Zero-Net Moratorium is the ONLY WAY to de-legitimize the whole Policy of Mass Immigration. Also, pushing a Moratorium is Essential to maximize Political Pressure to get some Reductions at least. BALANCE’s Moratorium Push MAXIMIZES Political Pressure NOW and thus is the most efficient use of our Activists’ time and money.

Refusing to push a Moratorium (as certain Inside-the-Beltway and other Mass Immigration [de facto] Management Groups do), is a Recipe for Failure as the past three decades have shown, since that is merely Defensive, as well as Ineffective.

Such a Refusal is, indeed, Counterproductive—merely pushing for “immigration reform” or “phase down,” legitimizes the continuation of Mass Immigration because it sends the message that Mass Immigration is OK if we just tweak it a little bit. And it is even worse to push for “Controlled Immigration for the National Interest” or for the two-decades old Jordan Commission recommendation that Immigration be cut by a third, because that sends the message that Mass Immigration IS in the National Interest. Pushing to merely cut Mass Immigration by a third or a half is a failed Political, Demographic, and Security Strategy.

And a cut by a third or even a half does NOT put the USA on the path to Sustainability. Rather, it just delays the Inevitable Disintegration and Degradation for a very few years. As well, being merely Defensive increases the chances of passage of Bad Bills, e.g., Illegal Alien Amnesties, and the Issuance of more Unconstitutional Executive Orders.

Pushing a Zero-Net Moratorium is key as an objective because it is reasonable and Essential for long-term Environmental and Personal Protection and for providing Sufficient Resources, INCLUDING WATER and FOOD and Money, for survival. Today, we are in the process of exceeding our long-term Carrying Capacity. We must Reverse Course NOW!

In sum, a Zero-Net Moratorium is The Necessary Condition for achieving U.S. Population Stabilization, long term Environmental Protection, Budgetary Solvency in State and Local Government (especially for our Health Care and Educational Institutions), Tax Reduction, Unemployment Reduction, Social and Cultural Cohesion and Personal Safety…and for protection of our Food and Water Supplies!

Mass Immigration is thus NOT “Just about the Numbers” as one Management Group claims. WE ARE FACING A MANY-MONTHS-LONG SERIES OF BATTLES ON THESE ISSUES, extending well into 2017. So PLEASE Help BALANCE Intensify our push for a Zero-Net Moratorium and the other Victory Initiative Positions!

Certain Well-Funded Cheap Labor Advocates on the Right, and Ethnic Power and Government Benefits Recipients on the Left, are pushing hard for further implementation of President Obama’s Mass Illegal Alien Amnesty, AND FOR MASSIVE INCREASES IN LEGAL IMMIGRATION, including Refugees and Asylees!

Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can stop them! Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off). And please consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor Lobby and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.

So Please Help BALANCE MOBILIZE ACTIVISTS to Intensify our push for the aforementioned ASAP! Coalition Initiatives, TODAY, NOW!

BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY. Dollar for Dollar, Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create much more Political Clout than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups.

So Please DONATE at our website: Population-Environment Balance or, to donate via U.S mail, please send to: Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

Thank you,

Population-Environment Balance

Mailing address:
Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

Washington, DC address:
Population-Environment Balance | 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300 | Washington DC, 20006

BALANCE is anti-Mass-Immigration, not anti-immigrant.

BALANCE is the leading National Organization publicizing information regarding the
Threat of Mass Immigration-generated population growth to our Environment, Nation, Budgets, and Personal Safety and Mobilizing Activists to Reduce it.

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