Saturday, June 16, 2018

Help Stop Exploitation of Children at Border; Stop Amnesty of Two Million

Help Stop Exploitation of Children at Border;
Stop Amnesty of Two Million
We wish no harm to come to children crossing the Border, either Illegally or Legally, but the question is how best to prevent the harm.
Before any consideration can be given to ending the  policy which separates adults from children, the Open Borders Crowd should be urged to answer a few key questions: 
Are the adults and children really parent and child?

It appears that many of these children are victims of a very profitable criminal human trafficking enterprises. For those children, separation from the adults who bring them is clearly child-protection. A sure way of finding the truth is to separate the adult from the child to ascertain their true relationship.
Unfortunately, separation of minor children from adults who bring them illegally across the US border is being used as leverage by the Open Borders Crowd to attack the legitimacy of Borders.  These Leftists are in fact exploiting these Children for their own political gain. 

And why did these leftists not criticize President Obama who implemented the Separation Policy?
Where are these soft-hearted leftists on LBJ’s so-called “Great Society” that continues to force the separation of fathers from their families?
The US Welfare system was  set up in such a way that it destroys the family unit, with particularly devastating effect on poor and minority families.
How is USA to deter future Illegal crossings unless it stops adults and children, separates them, even if only temporarily?
Eliminating the separation requirement would only encourage more criminal  trafficking, thus increasing the risk for even more children, women and young adults.
It would also encourage the break-up of more families. Some parents are entrusting their minor children to criminal human trafficking gangs in the hope that the children will be able to assist their own immigration through “chain migration.”

Instead, why not encourage families to unify in their country of origin?
Finally, do we not have the moral obligation to provide a Safe ENVIRONMENT and opportunities for our own needy children first?
Thousands of American children are separated from their parents, frequently with little justification,some without due process or on false information, and some to protect them from domestic violence. Where are the outraged leftists on this blatant injustice among our own citizens?
Preventing the trafficking of minors starts at our borders and acts as a deterrent. When traffickers are deterred, they subsequently lose the incentive to traffic children and adults. The process of separation and housing of suspected illegally trafficked children is costly but deterring traffickers will help to prevent the tragic abuse of vulnerable children and even greater costs in the future and the many women who are forced to  bring the minors with them and subsequently are trafficked themselves. Building The Wall ASAP! would help significantly. In California alone, thousands of families are living under freeway overpasses. Where are our priorities?
Speaker of the House Ryan is pushing a de facto Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill for Two Million to a vote early this coming week.
Help stop Ryan's outrageous Bill!!  Contact your Representatives NOW!!
Legal Immigration costs a NET (after subtracting the  taxes Legal immigrants pay) $330 BILLION per year or $1,000 annually for each U.S. Taxpayer!  Thats $758 Million per year for each Congressional District!  
SOLUTION: We encourage you to push for an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration, including  requirements that the Border Wall be funded, chain migration, Birthright Citizenship, and the Visa Lottery  ended,  and e-Verify be mandated.
The world's population increases by 80 MILLION per year and the pressure to come to the United States will only increase, with disastrous implications for the Environment, Natural Habitats and Resources including especially the loss of prime agricultural land (one acre for each person added to the U.S population -- Pimentel et. al. Cornell)  if we do not Stop Mass Immigration of 1.5 Million plus Legal Immigrants per year (400,000/year to California alone! --U.S Census)
Let us say it plainly, refusing to push for a Zero-Net MORATORIUM (which would still allow Immigration of about 150,000 per year, to equal out-migration) amounts to encouraging the continuing Mass Immigration Tidal Wave and Environmental Degradation, and the continued Displacement and Wage Depression of American Workers! and continuing huge cost to US taxpayers—$330 Billion NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) per year (per CCN’s NET Costs Study)!
Pushing a Moratorium maximizes our Political clout to ensure our borders are protected and maximizes the chances of achieving reductions in legal and illegal immigration.  And equally important it would help reduce Illegal Immigration by reducing the Magnet Effect of potential easy Legalization.
BALANCE can enhance our chances by greatly intensifying our effort NOW and the ONLY WAY we can do that is if you make a Tax-Deductible DONATION TODAY!
Donations are urgently needed NOW. Congress is actively considering Immigration Legislation NOW!
Dollar for Dollar, Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! And Diversity Coalition Allies who push a zero-net Moratorium, create much more Political Clout for reduction in immigration numbers than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups, (i.e.those who refuse to push a MORATORIUM) whose positions are COUNTERPRODUCTIVE because they legitimize a continuation of Mass Immigration as their past record of many years of failures has proven.
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