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Last week, the Goodlatte Bill H.R.4760 failed by only 20 votes. It would have put the House on record as supporting “merit”-based legal immigration by ending the Visa Lottery, and  Chain Migration, and mandating e-Verify to reduce Illegal Immigration, but it would have at best cut Legal Immigration numbers by half still allowing over half a million Legal Immigrants per year.

The Goodlatte Bill received far more votes than sell-out Speaker Ryan's thinly disguised Amnesty Bill, which failed by a 2 to 1 Margin. 

So, given these two Failures, why does Opportunity knock loudly?

The U.S. Government's next funding Bill needs to be passed by September 30 this year and is likely to incorporate $$$ Trillion Annual Deficits going Forward.
BALANCE's Strategy will be to publicize and push the fact that passing one single Bill  — a zero net MORATORIUM  Bill — would reduce costs to U.S Taxpayers by over one-half Trillion $$$ in the next decade.

Indeed, The NET (after subtracting taxes immigrants pay) Costs of LEGAL immigration of over 1.5 Million LEGAL Immigrants/year alone to U. S. Taxpayers are $330 Billion annually, as shown in a 2017 study by our ASAP Coalition Ally CCN. That's $1,000 per U.S. taxpayer per year!!!

Working in our favor is the fact that the Open Borders lobby has finally revealed its true colors.  These advocates are pushing for the elimination of ICE, which would go far toward creating Open Borders and vastly more illegal immigration — an anti-law, anti-American pro-Demographic Tsunami position.

Important to note is that, by taking such an extreme Position, the Left aims to create the maximum pressure in opposition to Immigration Reduction. They are employing an elementary principle of Negotiation — ask for more than you expect to get.

So, of course, we reductionists should continue to push the position which gives us most leverage for reductions — an all-categories-included zero-net MORATORIUM.
And our position is quite reasonable … it would still allow admission of about 150,000/year, and it does send BALANCE's Essential Message — Mass Immigration MUST END!!

So here is what to do:
Considering that the Mass Immigration Management Groups, i.e., those which refuse to support MORATORIUM (and which BTW have a Perfect two decades long record of Total Failure to get any reduction bill passed), patiently explain to them how they can actually help get a Reduction Bill passed as follows.

Consider that a Leading Management Group actually supports reducing Legal Immigration to 500,000/year and “eventually” to 300,000/year. This is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE not only because it creates ZERO political leverage to get reductions but also because it de facto SUPPORTS a continuation of Mass Immigration!  500,000 or even 300,000/year of legal immigration would result in unending population growth in the USA!

And an examination of that other “leading” Mass Immigration group's website reveals almost a sole focus on Illegal immigration and a neglect of Legal Immigration whose numbers are far, far greater.  Thus, refusing to focus on LEGAL immigration is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to actually achieving any reductions.

It reminds one of the website (visit erected a few years ago by Protect Arizona Now patriots who were not helped by the Management groups about whom PAN asked “Whose side are they on anyway?”

And regarding current Bills:
Although the RAISE Act S354 (Cotton R-AR, Perdue R-GA) has some good provisions, it contains Three Serious Flaws.

 The Good: It would:

  • Reduce Legal Immigration by at least half to about 500,000 per year
  • Require that Legal Immigrants speak English
  • Require that Legal Immigrants NOT receive Welfare for 5 Years
  • Limit “Refugees” to 50,000 per year
  • End the Visa Lottery, and, above all…
  • Reduce Chain Migration from appx 480,000 per year to appx. 88,000 per year by limiting family-sponsored Immigrants to spouses and minor children of US Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents.

HOWEVER, The Seriously Bad :(true of both the Cotton-Perdue and Goodlatte Bills!):

  • would still allow over half a million Legal Entrants annually and thus Validate a continuation of Mass Immigration ad Infinitumclearly Not Sustainable
  • adopt a piecemeal Multi-Category approach that is extremely vulnerable to Many Weakening Amendments
  • fails to push an all-categories-included 150,000 CAP

BALANCE’s Push for a Zero-Net Moratorium would not only impose such a CAP but it also maximizes Political Pressure to get Reductions. The RAISE Act Fails this Test.

And, one of the RAISE Bill's alleged strong points, the Merits-based system for admitting skilled workers (H1bs) is well-intentioned but would allow far too many admissions. It is based on flawed data that American workers do not have the necessary skills. It lends itself to “gaming”, and would result in continuing job loss and wage depression among American workers.

The Bill also would allow admission of too many “Refugees” (what about addressing the Needs of the USA’s hundreds of thousands of homeless first?) and allows H2b low skilled workers, many of whose prospective jobs should either go to Americans or are, in any case, disappearing because of automation.

Pushing an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium (which would still allow Legal Immigration of 150,000 per Year because Immigration would then equal Emigration) is key as an objective because it is reasonable and Essential for long-term Environmental and Personal Protection and for providing Sufficient Resources, INCLUDING WATER and FOOD and Money, for survival. Today, we are in the process of exceeding our long-term Carrying Capacity.

In sum, a Zero-Net Moratorium is The Necessary Condition for achieving U.S. Population Stabilization, long term Environmental Protection, Budgetary Solvency in State and Local Government (especially for our Health Care and Educational Institutions), Tax Reduction, Unemployment Reduction, Social and Cultural Cohesion and Personal Safety ... and for protection of our Food and Water Supplies!

Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can Succeed! Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off). And please consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor Lobby and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.

So Please Help BALANCE MOBILIZE ACTIVISTS to Intensify our push for the aforementioned ASAP! Coalition Moratorium Initiative, TODAY, NOW!

BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY. Dollar for Dollar, Donations to BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies who push a Moratorium, create much more Political Clout than Donations to Mass Immigration Management Groups.

So Please DONATE NOW at our website: BALANCE.ORG or, to donate via U.S mail, please send to: Population-Environment Balance | P.O. Box 268 | San Francisco, CA 94104

The Next Few Weeks are Critical!

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